Welcome to my blog. My name is Kate, i’m 31 years old and I live in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. I am married to my husband Matt, and together we have three children. I am a stay at home mom and now an official blogger! I decided to start a blog about my journey in faith. I became a Christian three years ago after being asked to be a Godmother for a family member. Although I used to visit church, for celebrations such as weddings, christenings, the odd Christmas service, I had never really given much thought about God until I went along to a Sunday service in preparation for a christening. I hung on to every word that the vicar said in his sermon, and something just stirred up inside of me. I wanted to know more. Fast forward to today, and i’m now studying a degree in theology, mission and evangelism in which I couldn’t be more happier. I am excited by the challenges of this course and how I am growing in confidence to be able to tell others the good news! I hope that by writing these blogs that I can encourage you and others and hopefully we can share our experiences. God bless.